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Guide to free poker online

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Guide to free poker online Empty Guide to free poker online

Post by dhef on Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:18 pm

of all online poker players get their first poker experiences offline. Whether it be from the Strip in Las Vegas, in the neighbor's cellar with big smoking cigars gambling for cents and feeling like kings or with the girlfriend trying to outplay her for all her cloth - but ending up butt naked yourself as the poker player realized he had no idea what was going on in that game. No matter what scenario is on - it is crucial that live poker is way different than online poker. There are so many differences that I could go on forever on this subject. I am going to focus on one single difference between online and offline. The degree of competition between casinos is huge online versus live. They might have a lot of competition in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Macau but it is peanuts compared to online. This means especially one thing for you. Better offers! That good is the offers that you can play poker for free on most sites. This is also why you need this guide how play free poker online.

Ways to play poker for free >

Free poker online comes in many different variants. Most known are the so called freerolls which is tournaments where you play poker for free. In this free poker online variant you get the entrance to a poker tournament for free and then you can actually win real money. This is the most used way for poker players to play poker for free. These freerolls comes in many sizes both when it comes to numbers of players and when it comes to the size of prizes. At Full Tilt Poker they had a freeroll every month for new depositors with 100.000 dollars in the prize pool. Other sites runs freerolls nonstop with only 10 players but then again not much in the prize pool - only 10 cents normally. Then there are private freerolls that are protected by poker freeroll passwords or some other freerolls if you have signed up through a specific site. Finally there are freerolls that are restricted to regions or nations. If you want to play poker for free it is a very good idea to keep these different kind of freerolls in mind.

Another variant of free poker online is where you get a small amount straight up in your account. This kind of offers get the poker players somewhere between 5 to 10 dollars. Unfortunately are the free poker money often restricted to certain countries. If you come around one of these offers - it is probably one of the best free poker online offers to play poker for free.

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