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Post by dhef on Wed Oct 16, 2013 12:09 pm

With years of experience in online gaming rocked Absolute Poker online poker community when he joined with Ultimate Bet, creating one of the most famous online poker network - CEREUS. As a known innovator, Absolute Poker offers players the chance to try their luck against professionals like Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi and Mark "The Shark" Safe, besides a large number of tournaments. Absolute Poker takes things to the next level, giving players 30% rakeback - another good way to collect money for free at Absolute Poker tables. Fees for participating tournaments and rakeback they generate, which is very good as Absolute Poker offers many tournaments with some huge cash prizes! Every weekend, Absolute Poker offers over half a million dollars in cash prizes to tournament participants through promotions as "$ 200,000 Guaranteed," which takes place every Sunday. Make sure you buy-in tournaments you pay for your monthly rakeback is by signing up to Absolute Poker! Absolute Poker is the average commission of 5% of the total value of the pot, even if, of course, vary depending on the number of players and the limits selected. However, no matter how much is the fee, it is added to rakeback anyway: start to get back 30% of these fees by signing up to Absolute Poker! Assuming that you've made a new Absolute Poker account by clicking on one of our links to their site, you receive rakeback every month directly into your poker account. Must earn at least $ 1 in rakeback for payment to be made. Absolute Poker rakeback calculated according to what we call the method "balanced contribution." This means that your rakeback is dependent on the total value of the pot, your contribution to it and paid a total commission. So, for example, contribute $ 1 to a pot with the total value of $ 5 and Absolute Poker has a fee of $ 0.25, rakeback you will be calculated using the following formula: $ 0.25 (fee) x $ 1 (your contribution) $ 5 (pot) = $ 0.05. In addition to receiving rakeback, players are automatically enrolled in the Absolute Poker rake races, giving you the chance to take your share of the tens of thousands of dollars each month offered as prizes. Prize varies from month to month, but generally exceeds $ 20,000 and is divided by the largest generators of rakeback from previous calendar month. All you have to do to be among the first in this course is to play - activity that generates your rakeback! What do you want more? Sign-up bonus up to $ 500 at a rate of 200% is also available for players, but any bonus payments received will be withdrawn from successive rakeback. From time to time, Absolute Poker and organizes free tournaments (freerolls). Visit Absolute Poker for a calendar of events. For beginners in online poker players, Absolute Poker offers all the basics: A standard range of poker games, a lobby with simple file-based navigation and intuitive controls to make your first deposit. Also, Mac enthusiasts are addressed by a version of the game running on their computers instantly adored. Also, adopting the premise that "bigger is better", Absolute Poker offers generous bonuses, often in the top spot in terms of frequency and size. Overall, provides an average gaming experience, but players coming from larger sites could reach in a position to want a complete package.



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